EVENT: Denbighshire Hack of Kindness™



9th September 2022 - 09:00 – 16:30





The Denbighshire Hack of Kindness is a one-day event that will bring social enterprises together to come up with creative ideas.

Please note the new date of Friday, September 9th

The Denbighshire Hack of Kindness is a one-day event that will bring social enterprises together to come up with creative ideas to grow the social economy in Denbighshire. The event runs from 9.00 – 4.30pm on Friday, September 9th.

Who is it for and what will be happening?

This event is for social enterprises, community and Third Sector organisations, and co-operatives in Denbighshire or North Wales. During the event you will be working in teams to develop fresh ideas to help grow the social economy. You can sign up as a team or join one on the day. There will also be staff from Denbighshire County Council collaborating with the teams. This is a unique opportunity for the social enterprise sector and the Local Authority to network and create fresh ideas together.

Challenge areas

During the day we want to develop ideas around five big themes:

  • Partnerships: How to we work together to develop the sector in Denbighshire?
  • Employability: How can the sector develop employability opportunities, especially for those currently unemployed? What are the barriers that unemployed people have in returning to work?
  • Support: What support is needed to develop the Social Enterprise sector in Denbighshire?
  • Opportunities: What do social enterprises feel is missing now? What is the infrastructure needed to support growth?
  • Growth: Potential growth sectors. Where are the gaps?

On the day you will hear how these challenges areas link to strategic plans and economic ambition of Denbighshire County Council and how the Council wants to support social enterprises to thrive.

This is an event with skin in the game. We want everyone to co-operate in developing new ideas that can create real value.


Throughout the day there will be sprint workshops on creative thinking and idea generation, asset mapping, and identify resources, interspersed with teams working together to build ideas.

In the afternoon session each team will pitch their ideas about growing the sector, overcoming barriers, and identifying the support that is needed. However, this is not a competition. We are looking for a harmony of ideas where social enterprises can co-operate together to grow the social economy.

The event will start at 9am with coffee and networking ready for a 9.20am start for the Challenge.