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Established Cardiff Housing Association Delivers More than Just Homes


Taff’s core purpose is to ‘Build Foundations for Better Futures’. These words encompass all that we do and our mission. Our organisation may be a Housing Association, but we do so much more.

Of course we build new homes, around 50 each year and help to improve the look of run down areas. But as well as helping homeless people, or those in severe housing need, this building activity  keeps money within the local economy and enables the welsh pound to remain in Wales. Working with local contractors, our developments also bring in job opportunities and apprenticeships for those looking to seek real experience in the construction industry.

As well as homes, Taff build confidence and resilience with people. Many of our service users have a harrowing start to life. Multiple adverse childhood experiences put them at a greater risk of developing health-harming behaviours that will shorten their lives, increase likelihood of incarceration, poorer educational attainment and make them more likely than the rest of the population to become a perpetrator of violence. This is an unacceptable life script for our future generations. With tailored one to one support Taff’s services work with these young homeless people, mothers and babies and are enabled to discover their own self-worth to re-write that script so that the past does not dictate their future and to prevent homelessness.

People in social housing can often be labelled as somehow different from others. We absolutely reject this idea – our tenants have the same aspirations as everyone else, but are not always in a position to achieve these goals. Imagine trying to get a job, do your homework and keep warm and safe if you don’t have a home. Taff believe that to have a good quality, affordable home is everyone’s right and that it is the foundation upon which everything else is built. We open up opportunities through training, volunteering, confidence building and support as an additional foundation, whether it’s a safe home free from violence or exploitation; or a job that pays the bills; or a good relationship with a child, our services help. Taff provide the foundations so that people can concentrate on their plans and aspire achieve their aspirations. We’re not just housing.