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1 December 2020

Engage for Success Wales Conference Live Today on Business News Wales

Engage for Success Wales in association with Business News Wales presents ‘Engaging Leadership': a series of five individual conversations starting today at 9.30am on Business News Wales.

The 2020 Engage for Success Wales conference will explore each of the four enablers of employee engagement through the lens of the goals of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act Wales.

Events will consider links between:

  • Leadership and employee engagement
  • Leadership and delivering on the wellbeing goals
  • Leadership and building better in Wales and
  • Exploring how we can continue to support those in leadership roles as they nurture higher engagement levels as we ‘build better'

Conversation One: Leadership that builds an engaging strategic narrative

9.30am – 10.15am – Watch Here


This conversation will explore how the goals of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (Wales) could provide core success metrics for an organisation’s strategic narrative and vision.

Contributors: Sophie Howe (The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales) is in conversation with John Williams (CEO of The Institute of Leadership & Management) and Ruth Marks (CEO of the Wales Council for Voluntary Action).

Sponsors: Thank you to The Institute of Leadership & Management for sponsoring this conversation.


Conversation Two: Engaging managers pay attention to wellbeing

10.30am – 11.15am – Watch Here



This conversation will explore how engaging managers, another of the four engagement enablers, pay attention to the emotional health and wellbeing of their team members.

Contributors: James Dalton (CEO E3i) is in conversation with Cathy Bailey (Founder of Office Om, building wellbeing skills), Helen Iliff (trainee anaesthetist and founder of the #DistanceAware scheme) and Andries Pretorius (former Wales international rugby union player).

Sponsors: Engage for Success Wales wishes to thank CIPD Wales for sponsoring this conversation.


Conversation Three: Diverse perspectives contribute to a rich employee voice

11.30am – 12.15pm – Watch Here

This conversation will explore how a more equal and diverse workforce increases the richness and creativity of the employee voice.

Contributors: David D’Souza (Membership Director CIPD) is in conversation with Lynn Abhulimen (Black Young Professionals Cardiff), Karen Davies (Founder and MD of Purple Shoots) and Julian John (Founder and MD of Delsion).

Sponsors: Engage for Success Wales wishes to thank CIPD Wales for sponsoring this conversation


Conversation Four: Organisational and Business Integrity 

1.30pm – 2.30pm – Watch Here

The conversation will explore the potential of a reframing of the wellbeing goals, by placing a values-based economy as a central well-being goal into which all of the other six feed in. Could such a re-framing be a driver for values-based business and economy in Wales, delivering on the fourth enabler of employee engagement?

Contributors: Derek Walker (CEO of Wales Cooperative Centre) in conversation with Professor Rachel Ashworth (Dean and Head of Cardiff Business School) and Richard Selby (Co-founder of Pro Steel Engineering, Chair of IOD Wales and board member of Cardiff Capital Region Economic Growth Partnership).

Sponsors: Engage for Success Wales wishes to thank Wales Cooperative Centre for sponsoring this conversation.


Conversation Five: A route map for leadership that builds engagement 

2.30pm – 3.15pm – Watch Here

This concluding conversation will focus on the engage for success movement, the four enablers of employee engagement and the relevance of the wellbeing goals in place in Wales to provide a platform to assist engagement and in turn enhance productivity.

Contributors: Professor Carwyn Jones MS (previous First Minister of Wales) in conversation with David MacLeod OBE and Nita Clarke OBE, the authors of the MacLeod report (2009) and founders of Engage for Success.

Sponsors: Engage for Success Wales wishes to thank Cardiff and Vale College for sponsoring this conversation.


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