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16th June – Bridgend
Emotional Resilience in the Workplace


This one day Emotional Intelligence course will enable you to get a better awareness and understanding of yourself and others around you. It will help by improving social skills, empathy and motivation by building trust and developing harmonious working relationships.

  • Understand the theory, concept and brief history of Emotional Intelligence
  • Learn the importance of Emotional Intelligence and how it is used
  • Defining emotional and rational thinking
  • Identify and understand which emotions you are feeling and why
  • Understand the links between feelings, thoughts and emotions
  • Manage impulsive feelings and negative emotions in relation to others and in relationships with others
  • Understand Negative Automatic Thoughts (NAT's)
  • Implementing Emotional Intelligence in the workplace environment


Self-Awareness – build self-confidence

  • Learn how to create a positive self image and be self-assured
  • Learn how to be calm and composed in stressful situations
  • Learn how to be decisive and make decisions despite uncertainties

Self-Management – develop self-control

  • Learn how to manage disruptive emotions and impulsive feelings well
  • Learn how to remain cool, positive and unflappable even in difficult moments
  • Learn how to think clearly and stay focused under pressure
  • Learn how to remain flexible and confident in handling change
  • Learn how to handle multiple demands, shifting priorities and rapid change
  • Learn how to be flexible and see opportunities

Social Awareness – develop empathy

  • Learn how to sense how others feel and take an active interest in their concerns
  • Learn how be attentive to emotional clues and listen well
  • Learn how to show sensitivity and understanding to other people’s needs and feelings

WHEN: 16th June
WHERE: Bridgend