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12th January – Cardiff
Emotional Intelligence


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the latest skill that the world’s largest and successful organisations are exploiting to improve the performance of their workforce. Having the ability to recognise, interpret and respond to the emotions of other people creates a more collaborative and effective workplace environment. It has been established that a high EQ is as important as having a high IQ (which measures a person’s cognitive ability), and in many circumstances it is even more important in particular job roles, through this Emotional Intelligence training you can improve your EQ rating.

Emotional Intelligence training will develop your resilience and resourcefulness to meet life’s challenges and adversities. Our emotions and the emotions of others impact on every aspect of our lives, whether it be work, home or in general society. EQ is fundamentally connected with happiness and well-being which has an enormous amount of health benefits including rational thinking and stress reduction.


This half day Emotional Intelligence training will enable you to get a better awareness and understanding of yourself and others around you. It will help by improving social skills, empathy and motivation by building trust and developing harmonious working relationships.

  • Understand the theory, concept and brief history of Emotional Intelligence
  • Learn the importance of Emotional Intelligence and how it is used
  • Defining emotional and rational thinking
  • Identify and understand which emotions you are feeling and why
  • Understand the links between feelings, thoughts and emotions
  • Manage impulsive feelings and negative emotions in relation to others and in relationships with others
  • Understand Negative Automatic Thoughts (NAT’s)
  • Implementing Emotional Intelligence in the workplace environment

WHEN: 13th January
WHERE: Cardiff