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EE Scraps Roaming Charges for Business Customers   


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In the world of connectivity that we live, the need for fast-paced, great value business technology is essential; especially if you regularly head overseas for meetings. Requiring mobile devices that can be used in a variety of countries has traditionally been something that small businesses paid through the nose for, with roaming charges being the catalyst of many surprise, unwelcomed  bills.

However, as of June this will all change, with EE scrapping roaming charges in 47 counties. This will have a positive impact on all existing pay monthly and pay as you go customers of the network, all being able to use their phones – including data – as they would in the UK.

“We go further to provide our customers with 4G in more places across the UK than any other operator, and we’re offering inclusive roaming in more destinations as well,” said EE chief executive Marc Allera .

What happens on June 15th

At present, those with EE's 4GEE plan can roam inside the EU, using  500mb of data a month at no charge.

However, customers that have invested in their Essential plan are paying £4 a day to get unlimited calls and 500mb for roaming data. As of June 15th this will no longer be the case, with all customers able to use their phone with no additional charges in Europe Subject to Fair use policy. Countries that roaming charges will be scrapped from include France, Greece, Ireland and many more.

The benefits for small businesses 

On average, 37% of EE customers that find themselves overseas turn off their phone's data roaming feature, limiting the their phone to the olden days times where we could only text and make calls. With this latest introduction business customers can email, research and conduct online conferences with the knowledge that there will be no financial implications.

With this introduction comes greater support for professionals, with the update being mandatory across all business plans.

It claims these hotspots cover over 80 per cent of the overseas trips made by its customers, with SMEs being at the centre of this update.

If you would like to learn more about EE business products, be sure to contact us at General Communications. With an extensive list of products and services, you could be just moments away from saving your businesses a considerable amount of money.


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