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Endorsed by Wales’ Rugby Legend Jonathan Davies Dragon Energy launches EcoHeat


Dragon Energy Solutions, a specialist in energy savings technology and installations, has launched a revolutionary new product designed to help homeowners cut their energy bills by up to 40 percent.

The EcoHeat boiler management system, which has been featured on Property TV, is a compact and affordable system that can be easily installed in just over one hour. With the average family heating bill approaching £1,000 a year, the system can help families make significant savings of some £400 a year.

Wales rugby legend ‘ Jiffy' Jonathan Davies has endorsed the flagship EcoHeat product in a new promotional video which is being released as part of the product launch. The video will be available online and will also be screened on TV.

“I was approached by Dragon Energy Solutions about EcoHeat. The important thing for everyone is reducing their energy bills. It only took a few hours and they were all done and dusted. They did what they said they were going to do; they were quick, efficient, clean and tidy and did a good job for us,”

said Davies.

EcoHeat, which comes with a 10-year warranty and has a life expectancy of 40 years, works by removing air from the home’s central heating system, warming the water in the system by 10-12 degrees while using the same amount of energy.

The lack of air in the system also means that radiators perform better. Similarly, the lack of air in the pipes means they become hotter across a greater surface area, propelling warmth horizontally into rooms, making the whole house warmer and more energy efficient.

The removal of air also reduces the levels of magnetites in the water – dissolved metals that cause the gradual build-up of a black sludge in the system causing corrosion and shortening the life of radiators, pumps, boilers and valves.

A cylinder with a vortex at its core, which removes the air from the system, is complemented by a sophisticated management system, which uses the principle of Variable Thermal Response (VTR) to achieve further energy savings. The system uses sensors to monitor the temperature throughout the home, adjusting the heating system accordingly.

The EcoHeat boiler management system has been independently tested by the Tralee Institute of Technology, which has produced independent reports corroborating its performance and average energy savings.

Rob Gammon, director of Dragon Energy Solutions, said: 

“We are delighted to be able to offer this exciting new product exclusively to the UK market. It represents a cost efficient solution that has the potential to offer significant savings to homeowners over a long period of time. Especially now that weather systems are more unpredictable, there are many elderly and vulnerable individuals who would really benefit from this solution.”