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Discover how the Data Innovation Accelerator can Support your Data Science Journey


Cardiff Uni - Data Accelerator v2[2]
The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated many businesses to pivot towards a more digital agenda, and for some has created an opportunity to innovate. The “new normal” has enabled many to consider a new way of working, and how they can put data to work for them.

The Data Innovation Accelerator at Cardiff University has a vision of contributing to business strength in Wales through data science, and to inspire small companies to integrate data modelling, engineering, and analysis into their day-to-day practices, and to help them drive a competitive advantage at a time where change is a constant.

Professor Pete Burnap talks to Business News Wales about how the Data Innovation Accelerator is working to share its experience and know-how about data science, and how they are taking this approach out of the university and into SMEs across East Wales.