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Digital Transformation Series – Sales


To support businesses in Wales, Superfast Business Wales have created a new digital toolkit designed to help businesses improve efficiency, streamline operations, boost security and often reduce costs.

Listing over 100 cloud-based solutions, the Digital Toolkit will help you find software and services you can rely on. All products listed are presented for information and research only, and any recommendations are not designed to be comprehensive or act as a specific endorsement from Superfast Business Wales.


In the next part of this series, we look at cloud-based solutions supporting Sales teams

Sales is the lifeblood of any organisation and managing the sales process is one of the most important functions for any business.

Post covid, this process has changed considerably as the vast majority of sales now take place online or over the phone instead of in person. As a result, sales management systems have become much more technologically sophisticated as the development of CRM systems gathers pace.

Using a modern enterprise CRM that collates all aspects of customer information in a single place is key.

Modern CRMs come in a variety of packages, with a variety of capabilities.

CRM systems are key to driving a good sales team, as they will let them track, manage, and chase leads, while building a centralised database of clients. Look for a solution that gives you the flexibility you need, including connections to other systems you might run, such as financial reporting and communication.

For stores, EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems will be indispensable. Consider a system that enables you to track your stock and offer discounts, but one that also provides detailed reports on your sales and allows you to take multiple forms of customer payments.

Speaking of payments, modern payment systems allow businesses to take money directly from clients in the most flexible way possible.

Again, look for a system that matches your needs, whether that’s online payments, credit card readers or credit card payments that are made directly to your business using a reader attached to a mobile device (such as a tablet or phone).

Finally, if you’re running a business that makes money through bookings, then a booking solutions system will be one of the best purchases you’ll ever make. Choose one that gives you the flexibility for your business, whether that’s selling tickets to events, renting rooms or scheduling customer appointments.