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Denbighshire Council Remains one of the Best Performing in Wales


Denbighshire County Council continues to be one of the best performing councils in Wales.

Figures compiled by the Local Government Data Unit compare the performance of councils across Wales on a range of issues.  The results for 2015/16 show that Denbighshire performed in the top half for the majority of activities it was assessed against, when compared with other councils.

The bulletin shows that Denbighshire was amongst the top 5 authorities for:

  • Percentage of highways and land of a high or acceptable level of cleanliness (Denbighshire was the best performer at 100%). The Council also achieved top quartile performance for the percentage of reported fly-tipping incidents cleared within 5 working days
  • Average number of days taken to deliver a Disabled Facilities Grant (Denbighshire was the best performing Council at 133 days), this is a substantial improvement on the 2014/15 performance (178 days)
  • Percentage of adult protection referrals where the risk was managed (Denbighshire was the best performer at 100%)
  • Formerly looked after children who are in contact with the authority at age 19 (Denbighshire was top with 100%)
  • Formerly looked after children who are in suitable accommodation at age 19 (Denbighshire was top with 100%)
  • Formerly looked after children known to be engaged in education, training or employment at age 19 (80%)
  • Third lowest number of average days/shifts per full time employee lost due to sickness (8.47 days/shifts)
  • Percentage of pupils assessed receiving a Teacher Assessment in Welsh (first language) at the end of Key Stage 3 (21.27%)
  • Percentage of private sector dwellings (vacant for more than 6 months) returned to occupation (24.61%)
  • Percentage of children looked after (on 31st March) who have had 3 or more placements during the year (8%)
  • Percentage of reviews (looked after children) carried out within statutory timescales (96.33%)
  • Percentage of municipal waste collected that was reused, recycled, composted or treated biologically (62.42%)

 Councillor Julian Thompson-Hill, Cabinet Lead Member for Finance, with responsibility for business performance, said:

“This report makes very pleasing reading and reflects the commitment and dedication of both staff and councillors for Denbighshire to be a continuing high performing authority, providing the best quality services to its residents and its communities.

“The headlines speak for themselves and we are proud of our achievements. However, we recognise that there is always room for further improvement and we will not become complacent as we work to continue to be as good as we can possibly be in all areas of our work”.