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Denbighshire Council Commits to Welsh Language Committee Structure


Denbighshire County Council has re-affirmed its commitment to the Welsh Language by establishing a formal Welsh Language Steering Group that will provide guidance and advice on the future direction of the language within the authority.

The Committee will be a formal committee with meetings held in public and agendas and reports available on the Council’s website. It will monitor progress being made with the Welsh Language Standards, as well as its Welsh Language Strategy and associated action plans.

The Council already has an advisory group in place, made up of councillors and staff. The latest development means that the Welsh Language Steering Group will form part of the constitution, with clearer lines of monitoring performance and scrutiny.

Councillor Huw Jones, Cabinet Lead Member with responsibility for the Welsh Language, said:

“Denbighshire is a predominantly bilingual county with a rich culture and heritage.   We are proud of this and want this pride to be reflected in our day to day interaction with communities, with residents and with our staff.

“We have made a firm commitment to working to implement the Welsh Language Standards as much as possible and a lot of good work has been undertaken by services. We want to have a committee structure that formalises our approach to monitoring Welsh language developments and a committee that has powers to make recommendations to Cabinet.

“This is very much a positive step forward in our efforts to enhance and promote the Welsh language, as well as our work with our partner agencies”.