Guy Watson, Head of International Operations at Dulas


As part of the Business News Wales Podcast Series, Chris McColgan spoke to Guy Watson, Head of International Operations at Dulas.

Listen Below

In this interview, Guy tells us about the work Dulas are doing in Yemen, the technology they utilise in their work and his thoughts on manufacturing in Wales.

About Guy

Over 30 years experience of working in development and renewable energy projects in many African countries in particular as well as the UK and Europe.

Experienced in liaison with National Government Ministries, Eurpean Union and Commission, Aid organisations including WHO, UNICEF, and NGO’s including Oxfam and Save the Children. I managed a Dulas Ltd sub office in Africa from 1994 to 1996, specialising in technical training, consultancy and the commercialization of solar energy.

Designed and developed a range of high efficiency solar refrigerators for blood and vaccine storage in remote areas.