Cycling Proven to be Quickest Way to Commute in the Welsh Capital


The quickest way to commute in Cardiff is by bike – a fact proven yesterday when a group of Cardiff councillors, volunteers, and campaigners took part in a rush hour Commuter Challenge, setting off by bike, car and bus from all corners of the city in a race against the clock to Cardiff Castle.

The challenge, which was organised by Cllr Iona Gordon in partnership with Cardiff Cycle City and Cardiff Cycling Campaign saw bikes averaging a speed of 11.75mph compared to 6.4mph for buses and 5.3mph for cars.

Cllr Iona Gordon, who represents Riverside, said:

“Once again the Commuter Challenge shows cycling in Cardiff is the quickest way to get from A to B.

“But cycling has also many wider benefits. It helps improve not just our own health, but also that of our streets, communities and the environment. It helps tackle everything, from congestion, pollution, noise, road danger and the school ‘run' to the twin crises of climate change and poor health due to so many people being couch potatoes.

“Cycling is in fact a ‘best buy'. But cycling isn't everyone's choice and for the population as a whole I believe public transport is key to keeping our city moving.

“With more people using public transport, there will be less cars on the road which makes cycling feel safer and more people will hopefully feel encouraged to use their bikes for commuting not just recreation.”

The commuters set off from Victoria Park in the west of the city, in the east the starting point was STAR Hub in Splott, in the south the challenge began on Watkiss Way at the International Sports Village and the northern commuters began their journey on Gabalfa Avenue at Llandaff North and Gabalfa Hub.

The results of the challenge, including parking and walking time to the Castle for drivers and the walk from the bus stop, were:

NORTH (Llandaff North and Gabalfa Hub – Cardiff Castle – 3.1 miles)

  1. Bike:13 minutes
  2. Car:31 minutes
  3. Bus:39 minutes

EAST (STAR Hub – Cardiff Castle – 2.6 miles)

  1. Bike:15 minutes
  2. Bus:21 minutes
  3. Car:26 minutes

SOUTH (International Sports Village – Cardiff Castle – 2.8 miles)

  1. Bike:19 minutes
  2. Bus:29 minutes
  3. Car:40 minutes

WEST (Victoria Park – Cardiff Castle – 1.8 miles)

  1. Bike:8 minutes
  2. Bus:14 minutes
  3. Car:21 minutes

Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Transport, Cllr Caro Wild, said:

“We all know cycling is great for your health, reduces air pollution and is better for the environment than driving, but the default mode for many people is to jump in the car, assuming it will be quicker to get where they need to go.  This event proves that simply isn't the case – you're better off on the bus or a bike.”

“There's plenty of work to be done to make Cardiff the world-class cycling city we want it to be – we're already building the first section of the segregated cycleways that will help make traveling around Cardiff by bike safer and even quicker – and we'll continue to deliver the improvements the city's transport network needs to deliver cleaner air and a step change in how people move around the city.

“But the reality is that cycling and public transport are already the best way to get around Cardiff, especially at peak times.”

If you're interested in switching to a pedal powered commute or want to start using public transport you can find information on everything from free adult cycle training to planning your route at