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Cyber Security, Worrying Times


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Statistically, in today’s digital age, it is a matter of when, and not if, a cyber-attack is going to impact you or your business. Our lives and our businesses have become irreversibly “online”. As we connect more and more devices to the Internet and rely ever more heavily on our computers, smartphones and tablets, we hand over increasing volumes of sensitive data and put ourselves at risk of security breaches.

Recent statistics released by the British Chambers of Commerce have given businesses every reason to be fearful of the increase in cyber-related attacks with revelations showing that 20% of businesses have been hit by cyber-crime in last 12 months.

Cyber-crime is deadly and on the rise, and SMEs are in the sights of those criminals who inhabit a dark and dangerous digital underworld. Data from 2016 indicates that cyber breaches cost from £35,000 to £180,000 for small businesses. This might not sound significant but is damaging for those firms that are merely just surviving.

The large corporates can often counteract any potential threats by investing in the latest, bespoke IT security solutions while SMEs often do not have the capital or resources for these. Consequently, they might lack the policies and procedures to protect their people and systems. SMEs are also unable to afford to train their people to the level necessary to deal with sophisticated cyber risk.

Simple tips SMEs can implement include making sure that passwords are not left lying around and that strong passwords are adopted company-wide. Anti-virus software must be kept up-to-date and use basic encryption products.

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