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People are now talking as much about their communities as their homes – and Jane Carpenter, Planning Director for Redrow in Wales, couldn’t be happier.

“The past year or so has seen the community conversation go mainstream.

“No longer the preserve of the politicians, policymakers, property, housing and technical professionals who create our communities, discussions on the value and notion of community have passed into the everyday.

“At the same time, people are more focused on the physical community immediately accessible from their doorstep than ever before. Travel plans have been shelved or moved closer to home, and an appreciation of our nearest environments has been born out of the worst kind of necessity.

“At Redrow, the importance of community is a conversation we’ve been having with our customers and our development partners for many years. And, while we are perhaps best known for the design detail of our homes, our starting point is always – always – community.

“Like any business serious about success, we are forensic about understanding our customers and listening to them. As housebuilders, that means understanding how they want to live, not just what they want to live in. And they have consistently told us, in broad terms, that they want plenty of green space and nature on their doorstep (not just their own gardens); in a place where they can mix naturally with neighbours and the neighbouring communities; and in a location where they can get where they need to easily.

“So when we look for a site, we usually look for something a bit different, with natural or historic features we can shape a community around. Transport is the next priority, with public transport links a must, so we’ll choose carefully or extend these, and we design community infrastructure that makes walking and cycling the easiest ways to get around, especially to school, work or the local shops. Green spaces are carefully planned to provide natural recreation and meeting places – essential to creating community cohesion.

“Then – and only then – come the beautiful homes.

“Housebuilders are, of course, only a part of the story, and successful communities are born of quite a community of professionals, working in partnership and with a clear vision and defined approach. We work very closely with a huge variety of professional partners: with local authorities; with local neighbours; with housing associations; with ecologists; with landscaping, infrastructure and transport specialists; with architects and urban designers. Focus on creating a successful community is what brings our various contributions together.

“In Wales we have the importance of our communities enshrined in law and the bringing together of planning, housing, transport, energy and environment at a policy level. At the same time, community has never been more important to or front-of-mind among our generation.

“There has never been a better moment for us to not just value our communities, but to work together to create the best possible versions of those for future generations in Wales.”


Redrow is a leading UK premium housebuilder, proudly headquartered in Ewloe, Flintshire.

Established in 1974, it has earned a unique reputation for quality, building beautiful homes and communities, creating, in its words, a better way to live. It delivers for both investors and the wider community by centring all its activities around its three values of creating thriving communities by building responsibly and valuing people, all while engaging with colleagues and stakeholders.

Redrow is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 index. For the year to 27th June 2021, Redrow built more than 5,500 premium new homes across England and Wales and the Group reported revenue of £1.9bn.

Redrow directly employs well over 300 people across Wales, 15% of whom are trainees, graduates or apprentices, at its headquarters, regional offices and developments.

It takes responsibility seriously: last year, Redrow achieved the Global Good Company of the Year Silver award in recognition of its social impact and launched its ‘Nature for People’ biodiversity strategy, established as part of a long-standing partnership with the Wildlife Trusts. In June 2021, Redrow was included in the FT’s inaugural listing of Europe’s Climate Leaders for achieving significant reductions in its greenhouse gas emissions between 2014 and 2019.

Over the past year, Redrow has consistently been rated as ‘excellent’ on Trustpilot and once again achieved the Five Star Customer Satisfaction award from the Home Builders’ Federation (HBF). The company is also one of just eight UK construction companies to be named a Diversity Leader in the Financial Times’ inaugural list of European leaders for workplace diversity and inclusion.

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