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9 July 2024

Creamery Processing ‘Authentic Welsh’ Milk Sets Sights on Growth

The new Pembrokeshire Creamery site

Pembrokeshire Creamery has officially launched its cutting-edge milk processing facility, marking a significant milestone in its mission to bring ‘fully Welsh’ milk to consumers.

The dairy is the only BRCGS-accredited liquid milk facility in Wales, meaning it is the only facility able to supply major retailers in Wales with Welsh milk. By removing the need for Welsh milk to be transported to bottling plants in England, Pembrokeshire Creamery is reducing food miles, increasing supply chain efficiency, creating new skilled jobs, and supporting local farming communities.

Pembrokeshire Creamery, which has created around 80 new jobs, has the capacity to bottle more than a million litres of milk a week and has recently announced major deals to supply own-branded milk to Asda and Lidl stores across Wales. When the dairy reaches full capacity, it will be able to supply around 2 million litres of milk a week.

The development of Pembrokeshire Creamery was initially supported by the Welsh Government and Pembrokeshire County Council when they formed a joint venture to create the Pembrokeshire Food Park.  This was instrumental as it created the plots and infrastructure required – drainage, water, and power – for Pembrokeshire Creamery to locate its new dairy.

Subsequent Welsh Government support was awarded with £5 million grant funding through the Food Business Investment Scheme and an additional £1.4 million of grant funding from the Food Business Accelerator Scheme.

Pembrokeshire Creamery in operation

Funding support has also been provided by HSBC. To date, nearly £20 million has been invested in the site to process high-quality Welsh milk that is farmed, bottled, and sold in Wales.

The company recently announced plans to support the development of a second milk processing line and automated trolley fillers, meeting the growing demand for locally sourced Welsh milk while ensuring the industry’s future sustainability.  Their ultimate goal is to be the leading supplier of Welsh milk.

Mark McQuade, managing director of Pembrokeshire Creamery Ltd, said: 

“This has been a great opportunity to celebrate our early successes and all that means for the people we’ve employed and the dairy farmers we work with. We’re creating new markets with major retailers for authentic Welsh milk which in turn is helping us complete our mission to deliver sustainably sourced Welsh milk, bottled right here in Wales while offering a fair and transparent price to farmers.

“We are already committing to more investment and increasing our capacity – and we would like to thank all of the people locally, our staff and suppliers, who have supported us as we’ve built and opened our new state-of-the-art facility.”

Unveiling the plaque to mark the Pembrokeshire Creamery official opening (L-R) Mark McQuade, managing director, and Huw Thomas, CEO

Huw Irranca-Davies, Cabinet Secretary for Climate Change and Rural Affairs, said:

 “I am delighted that the new Pembrokeshire Creamery has started processing Welsh milk for Lidl and Asda. This new facility, supported by Welsh Government Rural Development investment underlines the commitment of the Welsh Government to the dairy sector in Wales. This investment ensures that milk which previously had to be transported to England is now processed in Wales. As a result, Welsh consumers will now be able to buy Welsh milk, produced in Wales.

“This commitment is part of our vision for achieving growth and productivity improvement which benefits the workforce, people and society.  It also supports the industry to reach high levels of sustainability, raising the Food and Drink industry’s reputation in Wales, the UK and overseas.”

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