Could Pembrokeshire Become the World Number 1 Region for Clean Energy Start-ups?


With a declining Oil industry, will the powers that be embrace the regions internationally renown conservation area and match it with the world’s leading clean energy industry? A match made in heaven maybe!

Could an internationally renowned green energy centre compliment an existing buoyant tourism industry? According to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park ‘the county is at the forefront of developing new renewable energy supplies'. Biomass, Geothermal, Heat Pumps, Hydro Power, Solar Power, Wind Power and of course Tidal Power are industries that would thrive in this energy driven county.

Has the region got the negotiation skills and drive to attract the world’s best clean energy businesses? Is the funding in place or even on the agenda? Many would argue that the skill-sets and workforce already exist.

The team at Business News Wales are investigating what the future holds the hidden gem many call the ‘Welsh Riviera’.