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Core Cities Call for Further Devolution for Cities


A powerful lobby group for the 10 cities at the centre of the largest economic areas in the UK outside London has called on the government to deliver more devolution for UK cities and nations one year on from the anniversary of the Scottish Independence Referendum.

The Core Cities Cabinet – which is made up of the elected city Leaders and Mayors of Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield – met in Cardiff where the call for further devolution was made.

City of Cardiff Council leader Phil Bale said:

“One year on from the Scottish Independence Referendum we want to clearly state that the best way to reboot our local economies – and rebalance the British economy – is to give more power and responsibility to cities and city-regions.

“But this is about more than just economic growth. Austerity has seen our ability to deliver services undermined. Many ordinary people feel under assault. At the same time the idea of a Westminster government knowing what is best for everyone is being challenged.