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4 November 2021

COP Cymru Regional Roadshows – Adaptation & Resilience

The COP26 Regional Roadshows are a UK wide series of events happening during the United Nations Climate Change Conference, being held in Glasgow, including 4 here in Wales which are taking place from 4th – 10th November.

The third of the four COP Cymru regional roadshows will focus on Adaptation & Resilience. This regional roadshow will take a deep dive into how we can build resilient infrastructure and agriculture, protect and restore habitats and support those most vulnerable to climate change.

Darren Thomas, Head of Infrastructure at Pembrokeshire County Council chats to Business News about Adaptation & Resilience event taking place on Monday 8th November, explaining what viewers can expect to gain from registering for the session.

There are four virtual events- 1 for each region in Wales- North, Mid, South East and South West- and are being filmed from locations at Anglesey, Powys, Carmarthenshire and Cardiff.

All the roadshows have been shaped by people from across Wales, highlighting some really exciting homegrown best practice and enabling important conversations around climate action and natures recovery.



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