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Community Scheme Attracts Crowdfunding


Gower Community Agri-Scheme Backed by Big-Name Crowdfunders

If you are a townie with an inexplicable urge to have an organic vegetable wrapped in silk delivered to your door, or if you’d like to name your very own lambs or piglets, then you might want to take up the chance to back a forward thinking agri-scheme in Ilston.

It isn’t just video games, smart phones and indie albums that are tapping into the crowd funding revolution.

One of South Wales’ most forward-thinking social enterprises is making use of the powerful online movement, which matches supporters with growth businesses, start-ups and future technologies. And backers can now go to the BuzzBnk crowd funding portal here: to add their support.

Gower Power Co-op has been taken up by leading crowd funders The A-Team Foundation, Funding Enlightened Agriculture and BuzzBnk, with a plan to run a 40 day opportunity to support the development of their agriculture projects based at Webbsfield.

The crowd funding groups put their weight behind ecologically sensitive and community focused food and farming projects, helping them to push their initiatives forward. They have given Gower Power match-funding of £5,200, as well as offering specialist guidance.

And the co-operative is now looking for local backers of the scheme, which gives the community the chance to buy to fresh produce direct from growers which is free from food miles, low in packaging, and sustainable.

It is one of many ecologically-minded projects run by Gower Power Co-op – an independently registered Community Interest Company – and people who pledge money to the agricultural scheme can enjoy, in return, the chance to name a lamb or a piglet, to take a guided tour of the land, to enjoy a Sunday roast with their friends al fresco, to try their hand at rounding up sheep, and other quirky pursuits.

Gower Power’s Ant Flanagan said it was apt that a scheme which had its eye on the future of sustainable food production and of effective natural resource management, was tapping into the fundraising revolution which has helped some of the most innovative products and services across the globe take flight.

“Here at Gower Power are delighted that Cae Tan CSA and our livestock co-op has become part of the crowd funding revolution and that it has been backed by organisations which have a very strong sense of ethics and innovation.

He continued: “We are fortunate enough to have many local supporters of the Gower Power Co-op endeavors and we are pleased to be able to offer people the chance to be part of this agricultural scheme which is already benefiting the community in and around Gower.

He added: “The Gower Power Co-op is, at its very heart, about empowering individuals to be part of the all-important shifts in the way we generate, use and profit from energy, food and other core resources.”

The campaign also includes a big Harvest Festival fundraiser for the agriculture projects at Parkmill’s Gower Heritage Centre, on October 3rd.

Mr Flanagan continued:

The agriculture projects are some of the many exciting aspects of the whole Gower Power offering, which aims to enable local communities to take ownership of natural resources and to create new ways of trading vital resources.

We are confident that the development of more and more agricultural projects like these will play a critical role in creating long term food security for communities all around the UK, as well as help to reverse the biodiversity loss caused by industrial agriculture.