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Community co-working space re-opens in Newtown


Our Co-Working Hub is open for business!

Business owners, start-ups and those looking for an engaging workspace in the heart of Newtown are in luck as Focus Newtown Enterprise Hub has re-opened its doors.

Located in the quirky Pryce Jones building in Newtown town centre, the Hub provides a safe place to meet, network and fill the empty social gap many home-workers are currently experiencing.

“We know that the pandemic has really made people look at their work/life balance and re-evaluate their working practices,” said Hub Manager, Holly Jones. “It’s helped people realise you can be just as productive at home or in a community space. Many of us are keen to avoid re-starting the old daily commute but are also looking for a break from home-working; flexible working is the way forward and it’s not only great for motivation and efficiency, but mind-set and wellbeing too.”

“There’s a common misconception that a co-working space is for creative freelancers, but actually it has huge advantages for both corporate employees and freelancers alike. We’ve welcomed employees from local businesses that have been established for years, who just need a space away from the office and from the distraction of other colleagues, to work on a project or run through some ideas.”

“It goes without saying that a co-working space also has great economic benefits. It offers a cost effective and flexible solution for self-employed people, or small businesses who aren’t ready to commit to renting or investing in an office space or those looking just to rent a desk for a few days a month. We’re confident that the future of co-working in Mid Wales will be a positive one, and we’re excited to see how it’s received by a wider audience now were are open again.”

Fully Covid compliant, this large and open plan Hub has plenty of hand sanitiser stations, safely positioned workspaces and uses the NHS track and trace app. If you would like more information on the various co-working options available, or to book your space please visit the Focus Enterprise Hubs Wales website.