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Communities Receive Cist Gwynedd Grant Funding


Voluntary and community groups across Gwynedd have received offers worth £291,276.38 of Cist Gwynedd grant packages over the last few months in order to deliver a variety of local schemes.

Cist Gwynedd is a grant package administered by Gwynedd Council, with support from Mantell Gwynedd, with the aim of supporting plans which will improve the residents, groups and communities’ quality of life in Gwynedd

Over the last few months, community and voluntary groups in Gwynedd have received offers worth £291,276.38 of Cist Gwynedd grant packages to implement their plans with the scheme total amounting over £911,219.42. This support aims to strengthen and develop groups and enterprises in the voluntary sector.

The Cist Gwynedd package includes the Voluntary Development Grant, a revenue and capital grant. A total of £275,153.65 has been committed in this financial year. The package also includes the Welsh Church Fund. It is a small fund for charities only with a pot of around £16,000 available annually. A percentage of the fund is earmarked to support Gwynedd’s local Eisteddfodau.

Councillor Mandy Williams-Davies, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Economy, said:

“There is a range of community and voluntary groups that carry out fantastic work within Gwynedd’s communities. It’s great to see numerous groups making the most of the finance available from the Cist Gwynedd fund, and I’m sure that they will use this finance to make a significant difference within their communities and to the lives of residents within the county.”

Recently, a meeting was held of the Cist Gwynedd funding panel, with the following groups receiving a grant offer:

Development FUND
VOLUNTARY capital and revenue
Group Plan Description Cist Gwynedd contribution
Dyfi Hall Upgrading Plan for the present stage grid and replace cover and the stage’s curtains. £9,648.00
Fifth (Fairbourne Institute for

Theraputic Horsemanship)

A Pilot scheme to run a Therapeutic Horse Riding course and a Voulntary Youth scheme. £10,000.00
Dinas Mawddwy Village Hall Work plan to improve the Hall’s doors. £9,275.71
OPRA Cymru Opportunity creating scheme for youths through opera £10,000.00
HWB Eryri A scheme to enable HWC Eryri to be established as a Social Enterprise – employing two part time staff. £4,342.00
Sarnau Hall Improve the Hall’s resources through making many improvements. £9,176.00
Caernarfon Club Scouts Building Upgrading Plans and place a new fence. £3,764.47
Dolgellau Free Library Plan to upgrade the communal room and split one room into two to create an office and storage room. £2,543.95
Bryncrug Centre Heat system Upgrading Project £8,200
‘Friends of Llanbedr Woodland Training scheme to Finance to fund supporters cost to go on Environmental courses. £4,749.16

The grant package has been committed for the 2015/16 financial year. For further information about the schemes supported by Cist Gwynedd, or more for more information regarding the funding that will be available in 2016/17, contact the Cist Gwynedd office on 01286 679 153 or e-mail [email protected]