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Commissioner Shows Demand for Welsh Language Services in Supermarkets

Comisiynydd yn dangos bod galw am wasanaethau Cymraeg mewn archfarchnadoedd



New research by the Welsh Language Commissioner shows that people in Wales want to see supermarkets using the Welsh language. Research shows that there is a demand for Welsh language services in supermarkets by people in all parts of Wales, both Welsh speaking and non-Welsh speaking.

1,000 members of the public were asked what the use of Welsh in supermarkets means to them.

Here are the main findings:

  • More than 2 out of 3 like to see the Welsh language being used by supermarkets in Wales
  • Over 20% saying that they are more likely to shop at a supermarket if it uses the welsh language
  • 83% agreed with the statement that supermarkets that use the Welsh language are showing respect towards Welsh culture.

In a further comment, one customer said, “Welsh language packaging is eye-catching in the supermarket”

Launching the research, the Welsh Language Commissioner, Meri Huws, said:

“In a competitive market it is vital for companies to listen to what customers want and take steps to meet their aspirations. I trust that the research shows the benefits of using Welsh for supermarkets.

“It is significant that the demand for Welsh language services is highest among young people, as they are the customers and workforce of the future. It also shows that supermarkets need to continue to develop their Welsh language services and introduce the language to new ways of shopping – online and in phone apps as well as in their buildings.

“This report is in fact a starting point, and I will use it as a basis to work positively with the supermarkets to encourage and motivate them to develop their use of Welsh.”

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