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The Co-Working Trend Across Wales


The Co-Working trend across Wales by Tanya Lynch

The number of co-working spaces has increased considerably across Wales in recent years. What apparently started as an experiment has, with time, attracted many start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for its cost-effective facility. Even big companies are slowly embracing this business savvy concept.

The concept of a usual workplace has undergone a complete transformation. Compared to traditional offices, the co-working spaces provide a comfortable working environment, besides taking care of other factors like flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Credit – Tramshed

I was recently in a conversation with the CEO Simon Baston of Loft Co a commercial property developer whose projects include Tramshed Tech, he shared his views about the upcoming trend towards opting for co-working and live/work spaces.

He said:

“Our facilities are working wonders for start-ups, which are looking forward to scale up their business and are ready to function from a co-working space.”

So it seems that the concept of the workplace will change across Wales with the notion of work itself changing and so will people’s way of perceiving desk related work. Most coffee houses and community venues are now attracting a friendly co-working environment and encouraging start-ups to join their tribe.

Choice will become important, today, an employee is at the center of attention and a workplace should be designed the way employees want it to be.

Credit: Tec Marina

Simon also said:

“This is precisely the reason why giant companies like Facebook and Google have desks in their offices, but also have bean bags for their staff members to laze around. The work will change to become employee-driven. So workplaces will be designed keeping in mind employees’ comforts. The office atmosphere should be adaptable so that if I want to sit on a sofa and work, I should be able to do that,”

I recently spoke to a few business women who benefit from co-working within their local towns, they have all experienced reduced levels of isolation, opportunities to collaborate with fellow co-workers and higher productivity levels.

Kelly Quinn – Strategic Sales & Mindset Coach:

Definitely for me it’s about being in a dynamic environment where I can meet accountable driven people to work on projects with. After working from home for 2 yrs massive difference in my productivity and new aligned connections in the last month at tramshed

Laura Dunn – Director LED Media:

I often decamp to the Cafe at Ridgeway in Newport to work away from the office. The change of scenery helps me to refocus and it’s an invigorating spot for writing! The Cafe at Ridgeway is also a great venue for meeting with clients. I also feel it is important to support a local business, particularly one who has supported me.

 Rhiannon Harrison – Artist Moogledoo:

Getting out into the world is essential to my work. Painting ‘en plein air’ allows me to capture a sense of ‘atmosphere’ that being contained by 4 walls restricts. The changing seasons, public interaction and light all create a wonderful sense of movement and fluidity. This ‘breathing room’ is as important to the soul as it is to the paint.

 Places to Co-Work in Wales: