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The Circuit of Wales Name Extreme Sports Company as its New Business Partner


In a bid to create the £425m facility near Ebbw Vale, The Circuit of Wales have brought Extreme Sports Company on board, taking forward their plans to build a diverse facility that is ‘much more than an automotive centre of excellence’.

Circuit of Wales

Promising to create 6,000 new jobs to tackle the area’s worrying unemployment rates, the building of tracks, hotels and other facilities will inject new life into the area. Believing to add £45,000,000 of value to the Welsh economy annually, it is understandable why Extreme Sports Company were eager to form this coalition, bringing their expertise in motorbike circuits, mountain bike trails,  BMX parks, concerts and indoor skiing to the table.

Alistair Gosling, chairman and chief executive of Extreme, said:

“With the growth and interest we are seeing in our sector, it is fantastic to announce this world-leading Extreme Destination, combining a never before seen collection of sports, entertainment and leisure experiences.”

Equally as passionate about this meeting of minds, The Circuit of Wales are excited to be working with the pioneers of action sports, with Extreme proposing the following facilities to be featured in the development: 

  • Mountain Bike Trails
  • BMX Park
  • Indoor Ski
  • Trampolining
  • Skatepark
  • Virtual Reality Zone
  • Surf Park
  • Live Music Stages

These are also said to be accompanied by two large hotels as well as a campsite, increasing levels of tourist attraction as well as a diverse set of career paths.

Martin Whitaker, chief executive of the Circuit of Wales, said:

“The circuit aims to provide much more than a racing facility; it will be a 365-day leisure and business destination.

“The support we have received to date from the racing, automotive and investment communities emphasises the circuit’s long-term role in boosting tourism, creating jobs and diversifying the local economy”.

While making such colossal projections, The Circuit of Wales is yet to reach an agreement with the Welsh Government regarding financial guarantees for the project, expected to be put in place once the facility has been built.