Showcasing the Best of Welsh Business

Changing the World, One Wash at a Time


Upon starting the Goodwash Company, Mandy Powell wanted to create a luxury Welsh brand with a humble social conscience. A brand that would look good in the finest of washrooms from Port Talbot to New York, feel good on the most sensitive of skin and fur whilst doing good by addressing some of the social issues within local communities. 

And so, Goodwash was born. You can catch our full interview with Mandy here:

Mandy, who is an ex-Welsh International Hockey and Touch Rugby Player previously worked as UK Business & Marketing Manager within a corporate for over 10 years. Fundamentally a disruptor with a desire to make a difference, Mandy questioned the bigger purpose. Upon starting Goodwash, Mandy said:

“We wanted to create a Welsh brand – something that Wales could be proud of and something that could really sell our culture to the rest of the world.”

She added that “the other key objective is that [The Goodwash Company] wanted to use the product to improve lives in Wales. We wanted the profits and the business model to be used for good.”

The Goodwash Company describe how “social impact is at the heart of everything [they] do, helping to change the world, one wash at a time. As a certified social enterprise, the Goodwash Company reinvest our profits to achieve this.

This, in itself, is all part of Good Wash’s Look Good and Feel Good principle. Mandy explains:

“It was really important that we didn’t just create any wash that smelt nice, we wanted to create products that did good as well! All the products are based on great Welsh remedies.”

Goodwash products are sourced from only the very finest natural ingredients from our land and sea. According to their website, their cruelty free products “boast an abundance of natural health benefits that will leave your skin, hair, body and fur body feeling totally replenished.” The following image describes the sustainable efforts that Goodwash achieved in 2020.

Mandy explains the image:

“We genuinely do good! We’re not just ticking a box because we want to use it as a marketing ploy. The purpose of our brand is that people can have a really good wash but help improve the problems of society, one wash at a time.”

The Goodwash fund is administered by the Community Foundation in Wales. Monies are distributed fairly and transparently to local projects that improve the lives of animals and people.

Goodwash have certainly proved that they are dedicated to changing the world, one wash at a time.