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Ceredigion Continues to Perform Well in 2015-16 Despite Funding Cuts


Ceredigion is within the top half for performance in Wales. Data for National Strategic Indicators and Public Accountability measures released today (Wednesday 7 September 2016) by the Welsh Government shows that performance over a range of services in Ceredigion continues to improve. Ceredigion has the 6th highest number of performance indicators in the top quarter compared to the other councils in Wales.

For 9 out of 42 indicators used for comparison, Ceredigion was ranked best in Wales. For 20 of the measures, Ceredigion’s performance improved compared to 2014-15. There was a slight drop in performance for 15 of them.

Performance that was ranked ‘best in Wales’ includes:

  • Every pupil aged 15 in the county left school, training or work based learning with at least one approved qualification;
  • The Council manages the risk for all adult protection referrals;
  • The Council continues to be in contact with every young person aged 19 who has been in care, in order to support their transition into every day adult life.
  • Nearly all (99.8%) reported fly tipping incidents are cleared within 5 working days.

Services across the Council that showed an ‘improved’ performance include:

  • Less waste (black bags) collected and sent to landfill for the third year running and 7% more waste reused or recycled;
  • Delivery of affordable housing units provided for residents continues to rise with 21 units delivered compared to 19 units delivered last year;.
  • The percentage of A-roads in poor condition decreased in 2015-16  to 4.1%, below the 2013-14 value of 4.9%; and
  • The number of  visits per 1000 Ceredigion residents to sport and leisure facilities during the year increased from 6,937 in 2014-15 to 7,198 in 2015-16.

Councillor Ray Quant MBE, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Corporate Services, Improvement and Performance Management said: “It is pleasing to read the performance report 2015-16, which shows that Ceredigion County Council continues to provide high quality services despite a significant decrease in its budget, which is predicted to further reduce in future years.”

For details of 2015-16 performance across Ceredigion and the rest of Wales, please see: