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The Celtic Freeport private-public sector partnership is led by Associated British Ports (ABP), Neath Port Talbot Council, Pembrokeshire County Council and the Port of Milford Haven.

The Freeport also includes renewables developers, energy companies, industrial complexes, innovation assets, academic institutions and education providers.

13 May 2024

Celtic Freeport Can Benefit from UK’s Offshore Wind Skills Development

As the Celtic Freeport region looks towards talent mapping the future of skills, there are valuable lessons to be learned from other parts of the UK that have already made strides in this field.

Regions such as Humberside, Teesside, and various East Coast locations have not only embraced the fixed bottom offshore wind industry but have also become pioneers in developing the necessary skills to support the sector.

Humberside and Teesside have emerged as leading examples and have cultivated robust educational programs and training courses specifically designed to meet the demands of the offshore wind industry.

For instance, some colleges have tailored their offerings to include specialised training in turbine maintenance, underwater welding, and logistical support for offshore operations.

The success of these regions underscores the importance of learning from established practices and adapting them to new contexts. For the Celtic Freeport region, there is a clear pathway laid out by these regions which we can benefit from.

By examining the strategies that have led to successful outcomes in other UK regions, South West Wales can accelerate its own development of specialised educational programs and training systems tailored to the needs of the offshore floating wind sector and other related industries.

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