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Carmarthen and Pembroke’s £19 Million Investment for Community Hubs


Residents of Carmarthen and Pembroke will benefit from an investment of over £19 million from the Levelling Up Fund. The investment will create two new community hubs in the town centres.

A benefit to all

The hubs will benefit:

  • residents
  • businesses
  • visitors

The hubs will make it easier for local people to access the support they need.

Carmarthen hub

The Carmarthen hub will be developed in the former Debenhams building in St Catherine’s Walk.

Proposals for the hub include space for:

  • health and tourist information
  • culture and exhibitions
  • a state-of-the-art gym
  • university facilities
  • customer services

Pembroke hub

A similar hub will also be delivered at South Quay in Pembroke. This will be a modern community facility that hosts a day centre for older people and people with disabilities.

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