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Career Tips for Aspiring Senior Marketers


In the fourth and final article in our marketing series, we’re offering some tips for marketing professionals looking to progress to the next step in their careers.

As we mentioned in our first article, the role of senior marketers has changed significantly in the past couple of years, with technology, data and the business market now demanding more generalist marketers. We also recognised how confusing this can be for aspiring marketers.

The term ‘generalist’ may sound overwhelming, but, in reality, the trend away from marketing specialists offers a great opportunity to expand your leadership skills and take on a more strategic role.

But how do you go about doing this?

  1. Build the right skills

In our second article of the series, we looked at the most in-demand skills for modern marketers. Rather than specific technical abilities, we identified the following:

  • Multi-level communication – bridging relations between business departments to create more integrated processes
  • Commercial acumen – being aware of how marketing affects the bottom line
  • Analytical skills – generating insights from data to improve customer experience
  • Creativity – to brainstorm, challenge and innovate

If you want to demonstrate your potential for a senior marketing role, these are the four skills we’d recommend building on.

  1. Become more qualified

Experience is vital, but there’s also great value in getting a professional qualification with a recognised body such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

A professional qualification will give you a great overview of the strategic principles of marketing, which you can apply not just within your organisation or industry but to others as well. It’ll also put the role of marketing into the wider organisational context, thereby making the skills we outlined above much easier to develop.

  1. Prove and proof read

The nature of marketing roles makes the job application process even more important than it would normally be. If there are spelling errors or simple grammatical mistakes in your covering letter or CV, it can undermine the skills and experience you’ve worked so hard to develop. In short, it can rule out your chances of being shortlisted.

Prove you know your stuff and who you’re perfect for the specific job you’re applying for by tailoring your application appropriately and then proof-checking it.

  1. Get some support

One of the best ways to progress your marketing career is to seek out the support of a mentor who has been where you are now, metaphorically speaking.

If your current employer doesn’t offer a mentoring scheme, there are alternatives; organisations like Chwarae Teg offer fully funded schemes to support people with personal and professional challenges. You can also look to your existing connections and their wider networks or the internet for inspiration.

Recruitment agencies like Sitka, who take the time to understand your goals, coach you every step of the way, and put you forward for the right jobs, can be another invaluable support.

To find out more about our recruitment service for professional marketing candidates, please visit our website or get in touch.

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