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Cardiff Developer Launches his First Ever Computer Game


A young Cardiff developer is preparing to launch his first ever computer game with the help of multi-disciplinary digital company, Studio Nesh.

29 year old Ross MacOmish, who has lived in Cardiff for most of his life, has developed a brand new digital game, Hold the Line, which will be available to download to all android devices from Google Play from 8 November, with the iStore launch to follow in the run up to Christmas.

The new game, sponsored by Cardiff-based Studio Nesh, has taken two years of solid design and has infinity runner and castle defence features.

logo-creaturesRoss, who studied at University of Wales, Newport, said:

“In the main game the player travels from planet to planet through a unique and stylised distance of space while fighting the ‘chomper fleet’ as they go. When a planet is reached, the player lands troops and commands them in a valiant stand against hordes of enemies. There is also a survival mode for both game types to test a player’s courage.

“I have never done anything like this before. Building a game from scratch has been very difficult but for me is a really big achievement and I’m extremely proud to have gotten to this position. There have been challenges along the way, and at one point it looked like the game wasn’t going to happen as we couldn’t find a programmer who felt they could take on the demanding project for quite some time.

“Studio Nesh has been more than great and has sponsored the whole project and enabled me to get to where I am now.

“I’m thrilled to be launching and would encourage everyone to download Hold the Line and let me know what they think; whether you’re looking for five minutes of fun while you wait for the train or if you’re a hard-core gamer in search of a challenge.”

For more information about the game visit or follow @LostGamesUK on Facebook or @lostgamesuk on Twitter.