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Cardiff Council to Work with Welsh Government on Eastern Bay Link Road


The City of Cardiff Council is to work with the Welsh Government on scoping potential options for phase two of the Eastern Bay Link road.

Work is currently underway on phase one which will see the link road extend from the Butetown tunnels to the Ocean Way roundabout. This phase should be completed in 2017.

Delivering a plan for phase two of the development which would link Ocean Way roundabout to the A48 Eastern Avenue – completing an orbital route around the city – will now be explored if Cabinet agrees report recommendations on Thursday, December 15.

Cabinet member for Transport, Planning and Sustainability, Ramesh Patel, said:

“Phase One of the Eastern Bay Link Road is being constructed between Butetown Tunnels and Ocean Way Roundabout at a cost of £57m. It will be 1km in length and will reduce the need for traffic to use Central Link, Adam Street and Windsor Road as there will be a direct link between Rover Way and Cardiff Bay.

“Moving forward we want to scope out the potential for continuing the Eastern Bay Link to connect with the A48, Eastern Avenue. Completing the link would make a tremendous difference to traffic flow around and through the city. It would allow us to develop our plans for improved public transport options, cycling and walking routes and could tie in with the City Region Metro plan and the proposed M4 Relief Road. Not only that, but it could also deliver key economic benefits to Cardiff opening up a host of development opportunities in the South East of the city.”

Extending the link to the A48 would require a further 5km of development and could take between three and five years to complete from funding becoming available to completion of the build.

The possible impact of the proposed new M4 relief road on Cardiff will also be discussed with Welsh Government which has invited City Council officers to meet with the M4 project team to discuss potential impacts on Cardiff.

Cllr Patel said:

“Meeting Welsh Government on the M4 will also give us the chance to scope out and agree options for completing the Eastern Bay Link and the funding that will be required from Welsh Government for this work to happen. The delivery of Phase Two of the Eastern Bay Link is essential if we are to ensure that the impacts of the M4 project are effectively mitigated.”