Cardiff Based Company Launch UK’s First Business Energy Comparison Bot


Launched in April 2019, Altbot ( has just successfully completed its first month as the UK’s first artificial intelligence business energy comparison bot.

Altbot combines an intelligent chatbot with a detailed business energy comparison tool to help SME businesses in the UK get the best deals on their energy.

Altbot was created, utilising clever technology and experienced people to answer some of the most common issues within the industry, delivering:

  • Faster, more accurate energy quotes
  • Cheaper rates on gas and electricity
  • Less administration setting up a contract
  • An online process that can be completed in just 5 minutes

Unlike “traditional” brokers, Altbot doesn’t just provide businesses with the cheapest supplier available.

Using a unique algorithm, it systematically runs checks on each supplier against plethora of criteria to ensure they’re reputable, deliver good customer service and are responsive to customers.

The team behind Altbot decided to take this approach after nine energy suppliers went out of business in 2018 and with experts forecasting that up to 10 more could join that list in 2019. This algorithm takes less than a second to run but saves businesses from the hassle and difficulty of having a supplier go out of business while in contract.

MD of Altbot, Dan Ashman, said,

“By providing companies with a hybrid of bots and brokers, we’re looking to completely transform the way businesses buy their energy, helping them to make informed decisions quickly.

We’re leveraging technology so that robots do the hard work, while humans do the clever work. This speeds up the process and increases efficiency, meaning that we can provide cheaper business energy deals than our competitors.”

Altbot has been launched by the Amber Enterprise Group, winners TPI of the Year at the 2018 Energy Awards. As part of the group, Altbot has access to over 70 industry experts and a decade of experience buildings strong relationships with energy suppliers.

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