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Cardiff-based AI Chatbot Firm in Strategic Alliance with Argos Labs


Cardiff-based AI Chatbot and voice assistant firm, We Build Bots, has formed a strategic partnership with Argos Labs, a global company that specialises in RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

The collaboration has enabled the development of a customer service solution called CX360, which uses both conversational AI and RPA to help businesses streamline customer service tasks.

CX360 is a hybrid product that has been developed through integrating We Build Bots technology and the RPA capabilities of Argos Labs. It means companies wanting to automate customer service processes beyond their front of office can now use CX360 to streamline tasks behind the scenes.

As specialists in conversational AI and data analytics, We Build Bots has built a platform for companies looking to automate back-office customer service processes that are repetitive and low value. This in turn gives customer service staff more time to deal with non-standard tasks, improving an organisation’s overall approach to customer service, as well as staff morale, in the process.

We Build Bots Chief Commercial Officer, Patrick Hosch, said:

“At We Build Bots, we have already developed an easy to deploy platform for chatbots which enables our clients to streamline inefficient conversational processes, but we were starting to get enquiries from businesses who needed to go beyond that initial first line of contact, and wanted a solution that could streamline back office that processes.

“The alliance with Argos Labs allowed us to fulfil this demand and, by using each other’s expertise and technology, meant we could roll out CX360 and provide a solution to these queries quicker.”

Patrick added:

“We are thrilled to be able to develop this with Argos Labs, who are veterans in RPA, and excited about the future opportunities we can build from this newfound partnership, as we aren’t aware of anyone else in the market who’s created a similar, holistic solution.”

Shige Sato, CEO, at ARGOS LABS, said:

“We view our partnership with We Build Bots as a perfect one and I am personally very excited about the CX360 project.

“The integration of the conversational AI and RPA is a natural move as they work like the brain and the hands of human customer service agents. By combining two proven technologies, we have designed CX360 to present a solid foundation to build an optimal customer service bot, while leaving flexibility for customisation to fit each one of our potential users.”

Through its IntelAgent platform, We Build Bots helps organisations free up human time by developing multilingual AI chatbots that automate low value, repetitive calls and emails. It has clients across the education, utilities and local government sectors.

The company is hoping that collaborations, such as the alliance with Argos Labs, will allow automation to progress at pace and really deliver benefits for all businesses across the globe.

ARGOS LABS has developed one of the leading low-code AI/ML integration platforms.  The platform is unique as it is purely based on the Python programming language. It supports cross-platform such as mobile and is open source-oriented. The company headquarters are in San Jose CA, USA.

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