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Campaign Highlights How Agriculture Can Bring the Nation Together


April 30th marked the launch of Farmers Guardian’s #FarmingCan campaign to showcase what farming delivers for the nation and how it can be a key block as the country rebuilds from the pandemic.

The new consumer facing campaign launched across print, digital and social media channels, #FarmingCan will celebrate and promote what British farming is already doing across 70 per cent of the British Isles, while also highlighting its potential, enthusiasm, and innovative spirit.

Backed by farmers, rural organisations, environmental and consumer groups as well as politicians, celebrities and social media influencers, #FarmingCAN shows what the UK agricultural sector is capable of when given the right tools and political frameworks.

Landing at a time when policy makers are taking decisions that will see the industry go through its biggest shake-up since the Second World War. The campaign will shine a light on UK farmers’ role in producing more food, more efficiently and exporting to more markets, while generating more energy, mitigating climate change, improving biodiversity, water and soil quality; being more inclusive and using its knowledge to help feed and protect the planet.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, said:

“Our farmers have played a vital role, working day and night, rain or shine, to keep our shelves stocked and the nation fed throughout the pandemic.

“I am proud to back the #FarmingCAN campaign which will shine a light on the enormous contribution they make to our communities and I am determined that now we have left the EU we finally put the interests of our British farmers first.

“The farming community will always have the Government’s full support and together I know we will deliver a bright future for British farming.”

The campaign, which complements Farmers Guardian’s well established 24 Hours in Farming initiative, taking place this year on August 5, comes at a time when, following the Covid-19 pandemic, public support for British farmers has never been higher*.

Minette Batters, National Farmers Union president said:

“This is a great campaign and it highlights the industry’s ability and potential to deliver jobs, green growth and economic prosperity,”

“I think #FarmingCAN will help to inspire political and business ambition to invest in the rural economy, of which agriculture underpins every part.

“It will also showcase what the country really loves about this sector, the culture and the heritage, the ‘green gym’ and the ambition of the extraordinary network of farming businesses, 50 per cent of which are tenanted. That is a great national attribute.”

HRH The Prince of Wales’ charity the Prince’s Countryside Fund (PCF) has also thrown its weight behind the campaign.

Keith Halstead, Princes Countryside Fund executive director said:

“We believe in thriving family farms and rural communities who are recognised for their role in creating a sustainable future for the countryside and our whole nation – through providing the food we eat, caring for nature and the environment, and looking after the beautiful British countryside which we all enjoy so much.”

What is #FarmingCAN? 

Over the next 12 months, #FarmingCAN will distill real-life farming stories, initiatives, case studies and strategies into relevant, bitesize messages for the general public.

We will be sharing this information with the public using our social media channels @FarmingCAN to provide farming facts; answering their questions, dispelling myths and putting the real truth out there to demonstrate how farming is adapting, explain what is being done and bring the public and farmers closer together.

This positive campaign will showcase the people, organisations and efforts of the whole farming industry to the general public through and the dedicated public-facing social media accounts @FarmingCAN on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

*YouGov international poll of 22,000 people showed Britons value farmers more than any other country. No other country in the survey showed a higher degree of respect for farmers than the UK.


Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: @FarmingCAN