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Caerphilly-based Youth Development Agency Win Intl. Licence for Award-Winning Game


Caerphilly-based Youth Development Agency (YDA) is looking to bring the action and adventure of medieval combat to Wales and beyond, after being awarded the International licence for Katag, a game that has taken its home country of Canada by storm with over 1,000,000 participants to date.

Katag is an activity where participants grab foam swords and shields and battle it out in a game of team tag that lasts until only one side remains. There are over 35 variations of gameplay, all designed to develop a different aspect of teamwork, leadership and strategy.

Director of the YDA, David Williams said he felt their established network was key to winning the licence, and hopes to promote it across the UK before expanding:

“Through our youth work we already have a significant network across Europe, the middle east and the US, in-fact, we are already in talks with a major holiday company that is interested in having Katag at their family parks across Europe. However, we feel that the game is also perfect for university and workplace team building.

“Teambuilding needs to be fun; for years staff members and students have attended army assault courses, built stick towers or shot at each other with balls of paint. Katag was designed to be easy to learn and play, but more importantly easy to adapt.

“Individual games can be designed to focus on a specific aspect such as leadership or decision-making; add in a sword and spear and you've got a fun activity that brings people together and develops key skills.

“It's easy to set-up, as we can provide the location, equipment and instructors, and there isn't the mess and cost that some other team building activities come with. The game has grown rapidly across Canada, and we are excited to bring it to the rest of the world; starting right here in Wales.”

Katag was created by a group of former-primary school teachers who were looking for a creative way to get children moving and working together. The game has taken Canada by storm, and its Quebecois founders say they are confident that YDA will help expand the game outside Canada.

Yanick Métayer co-founder of Katag said:

“We started Katag because we wanted to create an activity that was not only fun but got kids moving and engaging with each other. The game has grown so rapidly here in Canada that we knew it would be well received on the international market, however, we lacked the network necessary to get the game out there.

“The partnership with YDA, who will promote the game as Katag UK, came from a chance meeting over dinner. I was discussing Katag and how we wanted help to promote the game outside of Canada, when Dale from the YDA explained about their youth work and how they hold sessions and courses across the globe. I felt that the YDA and Katag had the same ethos of education through activity, and knew that this was the right partnership to help bring the game to a global audience of children and adults alike.”

To learn more about Katag, you can visit or call 07863 612 627