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Businesses Encouraged to Join Wales Clean Seas Partnership


Welsh businesses are being encouraged to join Wales Clean Seas Partnership as part of a global UN initiative.

Marine litter poses a growing threat to the aquatic and coastal environment. Up to 12.7m tonnes of plastic enters the world’s oceans every year, equivalent to dumping one garbage truck of plastic per minute into the world’s oceans.

This causes significant problems for wildlife and aquatic ecosystems, but it also has a detrimental effect on our health as millions of tiny plastics end up in the fish we eat and even the salt we consume. With 80% of marine litter coming from land-based sources, it is crucial that Welsh businesses come together to tackle this global challenge.

The Wales Clean Seas Partnership will mobilise and coordinate action across communities, business and the public sector; and together Business Wales will implement the first Marine Litter Action Plan for Wales.

This will build on Wales’ already impressive track record in areas such as its Blue Flag beaches, bathing water quality and recycling rates. Although the challenge ahead is immense, as a country Wales is small enough to make it happen, yet big enough to make a difference.

Your organisation/community will be able to make a pledge to turn the tide of plastic to be part of this global UN campaign. Your pledge will be made public and will form part of the national response to the UN Clean Seas challenge.

The ambition is that 2018 – the Year of the Sea in Wales – will mark a turning point in the fight against marine litter, and Welsh businesses could be the driving force behind it.