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18 April 2023

Business News Wales Showcases Sustainable Tourism Practices for Wales Tourism Week

Business News Wales, the leading online news source for businesses in Wales, has announced its support for Wales Tourism Week by expanding its dedicated hub focused on sustainability in tourism.

This initiative aims to promote sustainable tourism practices, raise awareness of the impact of tourism on the environment, and encourage businesses in the tourism sector to adopt more sustainable practices.

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Wales Tourism Week is an annual event that celebrates the tourism industry in Wales and highlights the important role it plays in the economy. This year, the event will take place from 15th – 22nd May

The hub will feature a range of resources, including articles, case studies, and interviews with industry experts, all aimed at helping businesses in the tourism sector adopt more sustainable practices.

The hub will cover a wide range of topics, including reducing waste and energy consumption, promoting sustainable transport options, and supporting local communities.

Managing Director and Editor of Business News Wales Mark Powney commented:

The tourism industry has a significant impact on the environment, and it is important for businesses in the sector to take steps to reduce their impact. This is not only important from an environmental perspective, but also from a business perspective. Consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable tourism options, and businesses that fail to adopt sustainable practices may be left behind.

We look forward to supporting Wales Tourism week and further showcasing the businesses in the sector that are leading the environmental sustainability journey.

By supporting Wales Tourism Week 2023 and promoting sustainable practices in the tourism sector, Business News Wales is playing an important role in ensuring that the tourism industry in Wales remains sustainable and successful for years to come.



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