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Business News Wales Launches ‘Green Industries’ Printed Magazine


With the Energy sector in Wales undergoing an unparalleled transformation in the race to decarbonise, Business News Wales has announced the launch of an authoritative ‘state-of-the-industry’ printed publication, aimed at scoping and showcasing the visions, strategies and activities of all companies and stakeholder organisations involved in this high-growth industry that promises a multitude of opportunities for Wales.

Green Industries Wales” first edition will detail the schools of thought and collaborations that are shaping the future Energyscape across Wales right now, the current and emerging projects being explored, as well as the wide variety of players in this fast-evolving industry – plus the many challenges and opportunities emerging on the journey to a green economy.

Mark Powney, Editor of Business News Wales, stresses the importance of the publication’s timing: 

“Both the UK and Welsh Government recognise that Wales has a clear opportunity to become a world-first green economy. We’ve all got a part to play in helping to shape this transformational sector and that starts with the media shining a light on all that we’ve got to offer developers and investors here in Wales.

“Telling the story of the sector is, we believe, critical in gathering momentum and transparency and ‘Green Industries Wales’ is very much designed to do just that. If there is a road blocker in the sector we will find it, report on it and hopefully allow the industry to develop solutions.”

“There is some great work already happening in the sector and it’s important we bring their expertise and commitment into the spotlight.”

This unique Energy ‘must-read’ is the latest high-quality specialist publication being produced by the award-winning Business News Wales team of writers and designers – and will be delivered directly into the hands of target audiences that include top government officials, international investors and key decision-makers in the Welsh energy and procurement ecosystem, as well as every member of the IoD and CBI in Wales.

Printed using recycled paper the publication will be posted to over 5,000 leaders and stakeholders in the sector including:

  • Over 500 energy professionals across Wales
  • All Welsh Government Ministers
  • 1,254 local councillors pan Wales
  • Over 500 senior Civil servants
  • Over 2,000 senior business leaders
  • Strategic International Influencers and investors
  • All CBI and IoD members

A digital version of the publication will also be available and will be distributed to Business News Wales 22,000+ daily newsletter subscribers each day.

Robert Lloyd Griffiths, Director of the IoD in Wales said:

“Our new Welsh Government has set out a clear vision to deliver a better, fairer, and greener future for us all. It’s now time to see positive action because our commitment to achieving net-zero, our industrial heritage and our natural resources give us a once in a life time opportunity to reshape our economy; creating a strong and sustainable future for all. We’ve got the will, now we’ve got to find the way and the launch of this new publication by Business News Wales will certainly help.”

Ian Price, Director CBI Wales said:

“The Energy sector in Wales offers businesses across Wales a multitude of opportunities for a future-proofed infrastructure, high-worth jobs creation, community regeneration, inward investment and sustained economic growth. We welcome this new green industries initiative from Business News Wales at what is most certainly an opportune moment for the sector.”

The publication will be distributed from the beginning of November 2021.

To find out more about featuring in this pioneering publication, contact Editor, Mark Powney [email protected]