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Business Leaders Want Values Based Policies


As Wales comes out of the latest lockdown, The Leaders Institute asked business leaders what they think about the big challenges and issues we face as a nation.

The survey of business leaders across the UK asked 10 key questions to capture their views and found that since the pandemic hit, business leaders are wanting more values based polices.

Director of the Leaders Institute Hilarie Owen says:

“This shift in views carries through the trend we identified in our June survey, where we found that business leaders felt we have a unique opportunity to ‘build back better’.  This time leaders show empathy to values driven policies such as care for the elderly, with 71% of respondents saying that the elderly have been neglected in the UK and that we need to do more for the mental and physical well-being of society.   When it comes to the NHS, business leaders think that the key issue is not money but over bureaucracy and poor management as well as staff shortages.

“Leaders are also concerned about climate change and are sceptical that government can be trusted to resolve the climate crisis with 92% saying that they can’t alone and 62.5% saying that business can help solve these issues.”

The findings

Climate Change

Do you believe business can solve big issues such as climate change?
62.5% Yes

Do you believe you can trust the UK Government to resolve the climate crisis?
92% No

Welfare and Health of the nation

Do you believe the elderly have been neglected in the UK?
71 % Yes

Do you think we are doing enough for the mental and physical well- being for our people?
87.5% No

Do you believe the NHS is over-bureaucratised and poorly managed from the top?
100% said Yes


Will the middle classes remain at an advantage in benefiting from our education system?
50% Yes

The Workplace

Is the new way of working at home digitally most of the time the way forward for the future?
60% Yes

Do you believe technology can be good for all?
64% Yes

The Economy

Do you believe we should focus on more than GDP to assess the success of a country?
93 % said Yes


Do you believe people need to be more involved in big political decisions?
100% Yes