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The concept of the ‘usual’ workplace has undergone a lot of changes over the years. Compared to traditional offices, the co-working spaces provide a more relaxed and informal work environment and encourages better collaboration and communication.

With hundreds of offerings around the UK, there has never been more choice when looking for your first co-working space. Whatever your sector, business size or location there is a co-working space to fit your needs.

Matching your business to the right work environment is crucial to the growth and productivity of you and your workforce. For example, if you’re creative, you may be better off in a shared workspace that is designed for creative individuals. Like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs will inspire you, and understand your needs and requirements better than a standard co-working space.

If you choose to work in a collaborative environment, it needs to fit your brand's identity and ethos. Those who work alongside you should inspire you to keep pushing for greatness. The right type of setting can also be a crucial recruitment tool, with your space being a reflection of your company.

Flexibility is key

As we move away from the traditional allocated desk environment, flexibility has become a basic requirement, not a perk to the job. Your colleagues are looking for the option to move around, brainstorm in a space away from the meeting rooms or find a secluded environment to concentrate on particular tasks.

There’s a growing demand and trend for relaxed flexible working environments that are fun, offer fashionable décor and painted in bright colours. We now see our workspace as an extension of our homes as we move away from the traditional 9-5 work hours. With many companies offering ‘flexi time’, a flexible way of working which allows staff to fit their working hours around their individual needs, employees need a environment that allows them to work all hours of the day. This is a place where we socialize, so many workspace providers are now going for a more residential look and feel.

A collaborative workspace

Make time to get to know those around you: learn about their business, gain tips and tricks along with what makes them tick. You’ll more than likely to find some common ground and this is how great collaborations and partnerships are formed.

It’s not all about your business, it’s about showing an interest in other organisations too. That person sat to your right could be a coding genius who could build your app or update your website. Talk to people, make friends or become business associates… This gets your business out there.

Sharing is caring

Don’t be shy to share your knowledge with others. Co-working spaces usually hold weekly or monthly events, so sign up to the speaker's list and become a voice of authority in your discipline. You are your brand's ambassador, marketing manager and spokesperson, so make yourself heard and share your knowledge.

Listen, learn, copy, borrow or steal

“Picasso had a saying, good artists copy; great artists steal, and we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” Steve Jobs 1996

All innovators and creators will understand this saying. You build on what’s been before, you see what’s currently being done and make it your own. Why start at the bottom when you can stand on the shoulder of giants?

That’s not to encourage copying someone else’s ideas, rather, listening, learning and building upon them. Co-working spaces are a hive of activity and are jam-packed with innovative thinkers. Surround yourself with the right people and more often than not, you will pick up their knowledge and expertise.

Listen: Listen to their experiences, these are useful in helping guide your own choices

Learn: Try to understand their ways of working, thinking and doing

Copy: Replicate the traits you admire, their workflows and processes

Borrow or steal: If you’re not in the same industry, they might share ideas with you without hesitation. Of course, there is the off-chance that they are in a competing field, but even then, competitors copy great ideas. An great example is the release of the first smartphone in 1992 by IBM. 15 years later, Apple released the iPhone which has become one of the worlds most iconic devices. Apple caught the mobile phone industry in transition, and made a whole new experience for us.

At our newest Cardiff Business Centre, Trafalgar House a range of open and private spaces has been provided to offer our customers the variation required to work most effectively. To learn more about our co-working space and our other flexible workspace at our Cardiff business centre please click on the link:


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