Business Demands a Seamless Approach Between Welsh and UK Governments


Ben Cottam Head of External Affairs at FSB Cymru talks to Mark Powney, Managing Director of Business News Wales about the role of government in the coronavirus crisis and why small businesses need the support from everyone.

Interview Highlights

There is a high level of concern and uncertainly in a fast-moving situation as businesses question their ability to keep trading

Unlike Brexit, we have a situation outside of businesses control.

One of the problems we have is the inconsistency within government. Welsh Government hear the announcement at the same time as the general public and then they have to go away and figure out the numbers in terms of what it means for them and how they can then deliver it in Wales so we get a delay in Wales which is difficult when there is such urgency.

My message to the UK and Welsh Governments that it is the expectation of business that they work closely together with a more seamless approach. We don’t want to have a chase situation every time an announcement is made by the UK government.

It's great to see that the business rates announcement will be matched by Welsh Government and that’s a positive. With the increase in cash support, we wait to see whether this will be matched in Wales as it absolutely should be.

Will the level of support that’s been announced in England be replicated in Wales? Businesses in Wales should be able to expect that same level of support.

How will the Welsh Government get the £100Million of funding out the door which is the topic most brought up in conversation with our members.

We will get to a point in weeks to come where the situation stabilises, it may not be comfortable but businesses will adapt

Homeworking is important but how do we motivate people, how do we make sure they are not too distant and ensure that mental health doesn’t become an issue.

When we come out of this it will be important to ask ourselves how do we create a more resilient economy and an economy that can weather any future hits

Small businesses will need support from everyone, shop local buy local and support those who need it.