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Building a Growing, Innovative, and Sustainable Future for the Welsh Food Industry

The food and drink industry is a key part of the Welsh economy, and it is important to recognise the incredible growth of this sector of an impressive 30% to £7 billion in the past few years.

The Food and Drink Industry of Wales is an industry with great provenance and one whose vision is to become globally recognised as one of the most environmental and socially responsible supply chains in the world.

These are far-reaching goals, but Andy Richardson, who recently spoke with Business News Wales, says that sustainability is crucial to Wales’ recognition across the globe.

Andy Richardson is Head of corporate affairs at Volac, one of the fastest-growing, dynamic, and influential dairy nutrition businesses in the UK, and is also the Chair of the Food and Drink Board of Wales. He stresses that the entire industry needs to connect more to the sustainability agenda, whilst demonstrating that our supply chain is honest, reliable, and agile.

This trajectory of growth experienced is positive, but Andy explains that for Wales to continue this path, we need to recognise our current export limitations and look to the wider global economy- And how Wales can truly add value.

It is also important to consider how much welsh produce is currently being utilised and consumed in Wales. If the food and drink industry in Wales in to align to the 2050 Net Zero targets then, again, the sustainability agenda needs to be aligned internally, as well as recognising the importance being placed on other areas such as diet and health. A healthy country is a healthy economy!

There are a lot of fantastic independent businesses in Wales, and Andy feels that there are 3 key areas that businesses need to focus on in order to be recognised as key providers in what they do; Innovation, Provenance and Online presence.

Click below to hear from Andy about why these 3 areas are vital to continued Welsh business success, and why food and drink providers in wales now need to collaborate further with Welsh government if they are to continue growing.



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