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Bringing 5G to Monmouthshire


Monmouthshire is an incredible place to live, work and visit. Despite being a predominantly rural county, it has the second highest level of economic competitiveness and the highest rate of business births in Wales.

Yet connectivity remains a barrier to our communities continuing to be sustainable and resilient, and that’s why a thriving and better-connected county is one of the organisational goals of Monmouthshire County Council – the governing body for the Monmouthshire principal area.

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Monmouthshire County Council is therefore delighted to be working with such an exciting range of partners to help deliver this innovative project and in doing so explore what 5G mobile connectivity will enable and help demonstrate the benefits of a better-connected rural Wales.

Farming is a hugely important part of the economy and culture of Monmouthshire, but it can be dangerous (after all, agriculture is the most dangerous occupation in the UK), reliant on tight margins (making rural crime not just inconvenient but hugely disruptive) and overall put a significant strain on the mental wellbeing of farmers and their families.

As such, the first of the 5G Wales Unlocked project’s test sites in the Security and Support for Rural Businesses use case is a working farm in the heart of the county. Here, we hope to demonstrate how 5G can enable the use of cutting-edge systems that make the farm a safer and more secure place in which to work and live.

“How can we enable visitors to explore key tourist sites in new ways whilst also preserving them for future generations? ”

As Wales’ first county – at least for most visitors to the country – and one full of beautiful places and historic monuments, Monmouthshire is also a popular tourist destination. But how can we enable visitors to explore these sites in new ways whilst also preserving them for future generations? To demonstrate how 5G connectivity will help do this, the project’s Immersive and Connected Tourism use case will be hosted by the magnificent Raglan Castle.

All in all, Monmouthshire County Council is excited to demonstrate how 5G will benefit rural communities like those in Monmouthshire and to help make a compelling case for future commercial investment in rural communities.mation and project outcomes.