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Bridgend Company Puts Staff Safety First


Accountancy and bookkeeping company, Mazuma, has enlisted the help of community interest company RESOLVE it to carry out personal safety training for its staff.

Ahead of the winter months, dark nights and Christmas party season, the Bridgend-based company, which employs 25 staff, is working with RESOLVE it to provide training and workshops on how to stay safe.

On National Personal Safety Day earlier this month, staff at Mazuma took part in a workshop, which aimed to make them more aware of their surroundings and equip them with techniques that will help them if they are in a situation where they feel vulnerable or threatened.

Lowri Williams, general manager at Mazuma, said:

“This session was a fantastic way for us to ensure that our staff are cautious when it comes to their surroundings. As the nights are drawing and the Christmas party season closes in, there are lots of events going on around South Wales, so there are a lot more opportunities for us to be out and about and in potentially vulnerable situations.

“We’ve recently seen horrific stories of people getting attacked locally which highlighted to us the importance of the workshops RESOLVE it offer. We were shown simple and very effective techniques, just what you would need in a situation where you would need to react quickly. Staff really enjoyed the session and have taken away lots of valuable information.”

RESOLVE it was set up in 2014 to deliver personal safety workshops in educational establishments, charities, businesses and not-for-profit organisations, empowering individuals to stay safe.

The company is led by managing director, Eira Culverwell and director, Dave Wing.

Eira comes from an eclectic martial arts background, having started at a young age as a result of childhood bullying. She holds two black belts and is 4th Dan black belt in her respective style in Wales and runs two busy karate clubs in her spare time.

Dave has over 40 years’ experience in personal safety. Having studied martial arts since the age of 7, he holds 3 black belts in different styles and a fifth degree black belt in his respective style. Dave also has 21 years’ experience of night club security in and around South Wales

Eira said

“RESOLVE it empowers people to stay safe, which is something which I’m extremely passionate about.

“Today's world is dangerous enough and people are often unaware of the potential dangers that surround them on a daily basis, from travelling to and from work, through to underestimating how body language can make individuals become ideal targets for attacks.

“An employer’s duty of care means that they are responsible for their staff until they get home safely after work. With winter fast approaching and a busy period of Christmas parties and nights out, Dave and I have created an effective way of teaching people the principles of keeping safe, avoiding danger or being able to react positively in the face of danger.”

More information on RESOLVE it can be found here.