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Brand Protection for the Technology and Media Sectors


The Commercial and IP team at Greenaway Scott specialises in providing advice to businesses in the technology and media sectors on the importance of brand protection. We know how important it is for our clients to protect their brands and we regularly assist clients with registering their brand name, logo, or strapline as a trade mark.

A registered trade mark protects a business's brand and identity by preventing any other party from using the same mark.

The level of protection that a registered trade mark affords to a business was highlighted earlier this month when the Court of Appeal found in favour of UK comedy club operator Comic Enterprises Ltd in a trade mark dispute with the US film studio 20th Century Fox over the use of the trade mark ‘Glee Club.'

Comic Enterprises Ltd operates The Glee Club chain of live comedy venues and registered a trade mark in 2001.

In 2009 the US television programme Glee was broadcast in the UK for the first time.

Mark Tughan, the owner of the Comic Enterprises Ltd become concerned that the existence of the Glee television programme was causing damage to his club's image and that the programme maker’s use of a the word ‘glee' caused confusion among consumers who assumed that the comedy clubs and the hit US programme were connected.