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Bot-Hive in Bid to Break-up UK Automation Logjam


Cardiff Based Bot-Hive, the world’s largest online platform for robotics and automation technology, announces that it is partnering with Visual Components, one of the leading developers of 3D manufacturing simulation software.

Visual Components, which is headquartered in Finland, but operates internationally, develops 3D manufacturing simulation software to aid the design and validate new robotic and automation production solutions. It is used by a wide range of worldwide manufacturers, system integrators, universities, colleges and research centres to visualise and simulate robots in the workplace, before money needs to be committed on actual equipment purchasing and personnel resourcing.

The two companies are coming together to help break-up the logjam being experienced by the UK when it comes to automation and robots. As the latest statistics from the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) revealed, it's clear that the UK is losing the race to automate.

The recently published IFR report, Robot Race: The World's Top 10 automated countries, showed that the UK is not only losing the race, but is barely taking part. The UK is so far behind, that it didn’t make the top ten, nor even the wider list which included another 11 countries.

The partnership will see Bot-Hive’s extensive product library showcasing which products can be viewed in simulation. This new feature will now enable customers to adopt a virtual “Try-Before-You-Buy” approach to investing in automation. Companies can set up initial consultation meetings with the Bot-Hive and Visual Components teams to replicate versions of their shop floors, providing a perfect testing bed for different automation solutions.

Bot-Hive co-founder and CEO Jacques Bonfrer said:

“The reluctance of UK industry to automate is well known. We see a large pool of UK businesses in the category of wanting to automate, but not knowing how and where to start.

“Simulation is the answer, because companies can cost-effectively plan how the robots will be used in their manufacturing process. Thanks to the software, they can actually see the robots working in 3D. Buying robots should no longer be trial and error but based on firm planning.

“We have been speaking to a number of simulation partners for the last 12 months and felt strongly that Visual Components were the right provider to partner with on this project. Their wide catalogue of products coupled with their approach to supporting early adopters of automation, makes for a very exciting partnership.”

Steve Morris, Country Manager (UK and Ireland) from Visual Components added:

“We are excited to be joining up with Bot-Hive at this stage in their development but also at this time in the UK & Ireland automation and robotics market. We believe that more and more companies will start and continue their robotics journey during 2021. I know personally, the value, that 3D Manufacturing Simulation can bring. Everyone who wishes to go on their robotics and automation journey needs to start with simulation to help them design, plan, validate and de-risk any investment.”

Tanja Sade, Global Head of Marketing at Visual Components added:

“I am impressed with Bot-Hive’s drive and determination to help support companies in their robotics programs. This partnership is at the start but I can see a long term future for international markets across the world not just the UK and Ireland.”

Bot-Hive has its headquarters in Cardiff, an office in Bristol and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.