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Blaenau Gwent Business Launches Two New Products Following Move to New Premises


BLAENAU-GWENT-based antimicrobial specialist SteriTouch® has launched two new standalone performance additive brands to service specific emerging markets.

SteriTouch moved from its Abertillery facility late last year (2017), to expand its R&D and production capabilities by opening a larger factory on Rassau Industrial Estate. They have since come up with the two new brands SCOPIC and Konduct.

Facilities at the new site in Ebbw Vale include tensile, impact and environmental testing, along with metal detection equipment. Research and development work is carried out in-house, including moulding and extrusion. With this in-house technical expertise, many complex material issues can be overcome, such as UV stability and brittleness.

The SCOPIC  brand of masterbatches and compounds, provide metal and X-Ray detectable qualities to plastics and rubber products. Metal and X-Ray detectable products are used widely throughout the food and pharmaceutical industries, where any detached fragments can be identified should they reach the production line.

Typically, these are smaller products such as pens, clipboards and spatulas, but can also extend to pallets, conveyor belting and crates. Detectability can be achieved throughout the polymer down to a few millimetres.

With in-house production and testing facilities onsite, SteriTouch has been able to develop a completely unique offering, including the development of combined antimicrobial/detectable compounds not seen before. These were designed for hygienic environments where both foreign body and bacterial contamination could be an issue.  To benefit the food production industry, the company has also recently had metal and X-Ray detectable blue masterbatches in a polypropylene carrier approved for food contact.

SCOPIC is also a great anti-counterfeit solution as its detectable additives can also be incorporated into the material of a product at the point of manufacture, enabling you to verify both its authenticity and the inclusion of the additives.

The second new product in the portfolio is branded Konduct, which represents a range of performance additives for thermal management challenges.

Applications which could previously only use metal due to its conductive and heat dissipative properties, can now be manufactured from lightweight plastic using the Konduct solution. Any product with a tendency to overheat, such as LED lighting, motor housings and electronic components can benefit from using a thermally conductive polymer compound. Base materials for compounds include nylon, PBT, ABS and polypropylene.

Chris Vince, R&D Manager at SteriTouch said:

“The Konduct and SCOPIC brands create new possibilities and will allow us to access exciting new markets. With the equipment we have now, we have the capability to fully support customers on a technical level, which puts us in a unique position in this industry.”