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“Black Hole in Budget for Welsh farming” Comment from CLA Cymru


“Let’s stop arguing, and focus on the real-deal,” says CLA Cymru

“Cooperation and constructive-thinking is needed from government at this time,” says CLA Cymru responding to the apparent row between the Welsh Government and the Treasury about funding for agriculture in Wales.

Nigel Hollett, Director CLA Cymru, adds:

“Stability in smooth transition must be secured in the EU trade deal, critical to the sustainability of Welsh agriculture. We mustn’t lose-sight of the real objective – the long-term success of UK agriculture.”

Nigel’s words come as a shortfall appears to exist in future funding for Welsh agriculture. In the past a consistent resource-allocation has been made-up to a budget set by the devolved administration in Wales via the Regional Development Programme (RDP).

“Covid-19 and the restrictions have placed significant pressures this year on the majority of rural businesses in Wales. At this critical time what we need from government is financial clarity about the vital work of securing transition. This month we should see the Welsh Government’s proposals to introduce a new scheme to support Welsh agriculture. This must be appropriately funded and Welsh farmers must see what and how it will deliver on the ground.” Nigel Hollett says, “A successful outcome depends not only on the strength of a Welsh scheme – but also its capacity to fit alongside the English scheme to ensure all UK farmers can compete at a global level.”