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Bilingual Digital Magazine Celebrates Successful First Year

Mae'r cylchgrawn digidol yn dathlu 100,000 o ymweliadau tudalen yn ei flwyddyn gyntaf



The bilingual digital magazine is celebrating a successful first year of publication, with 100,000 page views being viewed in that period.

Said Neil Rowlands, founder and project manager:

“The purpose of is to make the Welsh language and culture more accessible. This is done by presenting Welsh and English side by side, using a range of language registers (informal, formal and literary, and is completely free to access from any web browser anywhere in the world.

“I'm extremely happy that thousands of people have enjoyed reading the many articles and made use of the unique resources. Presenters like Huw Stephens and Eleri Siôn, and noted authors such as lexicographer D. Geraint Lewis, Welsh Valleys Humour's David Jandrell, Bethan Gwanas, Elin Meek and many more have written exclusively for the site. There's also resources such as a crowd-sourced map of shops, pubs and public places where Welsh is used, a bilingual grammar guide, interactive quizzes, plus some articles have been narrated so that people can read and hear the Welsh language at the same time.

“For the Welsh Government's goal of one million Welsh speakers by 2050 to be met, there is a need for us extend the reach of the language and present it in different ways., as an independent not-for-profit organisation, captures this spirit and energy.

“Over 140 people have provided content for, and I am grateful for them supporting a new and different way of publishing. I look forward to supporting many more people contributing and helping more people to enjoy our beautiful language in an inventive new way.”

Garmon Gruffudd, Managing Director, Y Lolfa, said:

“It's great to see how has developed over the last few months to become an indispensable website for learners and an important source of information and materials for people who want to keep a finger on the pulse in Wales. It has been a pleasure to work with Neil and the crew, and as a publisher we really appreciate that they offer a new, easy to reach platform to discuss our work and we very much congratulate Neil on reaching 100,000.”